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Game On at Work: Is Gamification the Future of Team Building?

By CHOYS Community
22 Jan 2024

Expectations run high in modern workplaces. The pace is relentless and employees often find themselves grappling with an unhealthy dose of stress.

The desire for professional advancement may inadvertently lead to cutthroat competition, undermining a collaborative atmosphere.

Striking a balance between ambition and employee wellbeing becomes crucial to creating a healthy and sustainable work culture. This is where gamification steps in, transforming mundane tasks into engaging challenges.

What is Gamification?

Gamification in a workplace involves integrating game elements, such as competition, rewards, and a sense of achievement, into everyday activities. It transforms the workplace by infusing fun, boosting engagement, and turning everyday tasks into rewarding adventures. Most importantly, it enhances team collaboration.

What’s the Use of Gamification in the Workplace?

Bringing game-like vibes into the workplace, gamification spices up routine tasks. It transforms the office into an exciting arena where everyday activities turn into a fun journey filled with accomplishments and rewards. The goal? Interspersed playfulness, which makes the work environment more enjoyable and interactive than ever.

The Transformative Power of Gamified Team Building

Toby Beresford is an expert on using gamification in the business world. According to Forbes, “Beresford is an expert when it comes to gamification and metrics. His work gamifying the United Nations staff was to encourage UN staff to use social media to promote the work of the UN. Since the program began, the team has collectively added over a million new social media followers to their accounts.”

Gamified team building brings multifaceted advantages, facilitating productivity, increased collaboration, and a deep sense of belonging among team members. Increased collaboration becomes a natural byproduct, as gamified challenges necessitate teamwork and problem-solving. This collaborative spirit extends beyond specific activities, permeating the overall team dynamic and enhancing the collective capability to tackle complex tasks.

Moreover, the sense of self-worth is amplified through recognition and rewards embedded in gamification. Public acknowledgement, leaderboards, and tangible incentives create a positive environment that nurtures a strong team bond. This sense of unity contributes to higher job satisfaction, employee retention, and an overall positive workplace culture.

The interactive and rewarding nature of gamification creates an environment where teams thrive, supporting individual growth and promoting an aggregated sense of achievement.

Everything You Need to Know About CHOYS!

CHOYS is redefining team building with an innovative yet practical gamified approach.

The CHOYS Manual of You is like a virtual water cooler where colleagues can explore each other’s hobbies, interests, and more. It offers a relaxed icebreaker, like meeting at the coffee machine but in the digital world.

Meanwhile, the Step Challenges add a dash of friendly competition, turning physical activity into an enjoyable shared experience. Colleagues get to invite each other to custom challenges, keep each other in check, and stay active while having fun!

With CHOYS, team building isn't a forced exercise; it's a natural outcome of shared experiences and mutual encouragement.

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5 Ways to Incorporate Gamification for Team Building

Team building is like mixing different puzzle pieces to create a powerhouse squad. It's about everyone bringing their top skills and joining forces. It's not just about tasks; it's about shared adventures and common wins.

Gamification might be just what your team needs to become that powerhouse squad, where each individual is at the top of their game.

Here are ways you can leverage gamification for team building at work:

1. Collective Milestone Achievement System

Introduce a structured points system tied to specific achievements, ranging from project completion ahead of schedule to surpassing performance targets. Allocate points for notable group accomplishments. Recognition and rewards, including insignias, certificates, or tangible incentives like gift cards or additional time off, amplify the positive reinforcement for accomplishments.

2. Collaborative Challenges

Cultivate teamwork through gamified challenges that require different departments to collaborate and solve problems together. Whether solving simulated business challenges or engaging in collaborative decision-making exercises, the emphasis is on promoting communication, shared problem-solving, and a collective sense of achievement.

3. Progress Dashboard and Recognition

Infuse friendly competition by displaying leaderboards that showcase individual and team achievements. Public acknowledgement fuels motivation and encourages healthy competition, capitalising on the psychological impact of achievement and recognition to drive employees to excel.

4. Training Through Simulation

Revolutionise training programs by incorporating gamified elements. Simulations and interactive modules transform mundane training sessions into engaging experiences.

For instance, turn a sales training session into a simulation where teams compete to secure virtual deals. This not only enhances learning enjoyment but also allows employees to apply their skills in a risk-free environment.

5. Dynamic Team-Building Events

Enhance traditional team-building events by adding interactive and gamified elements. Whether it's escape room challenges, scavenger hunts, or problem-solving quests, these activities instil excitement into the day, furthering enhanced teamwork, improved communication, and quick thinking—essential components for a thriving workplace.

Final Takeaway

The future of team building is tied closely with gamification. As organisations strive to cultivate robust and engaging work environments, the incorporation of game elements into daily activities emerges as a successful strategy. Supported by statistics and success stories, this approach positively influences employee engagement, collaboration, and overall workplace satisfaction.

CHOYS's innovative and practical approach to gamification can significantly enhance team-building in your organisation. With an assembly of features designed to induce gamification, belonging and engagement in a workplace, CHOYS can be what gives your organisation's culture an edge over your competitors.

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