CHOYS Transforms Workplace Wellbeing with Sense of Belonging

CHOYS Belong empowers employees to thrive by leveraging social accountability, maximising your impact with a healthier, more engaged workforce.


Welcome to the future of workplace wellbeing with CHOYSCoins, the wellbeing currency brought to you by CHOYS.

As part of our pioneering approach to workplace gamification, CHOYSCoins revolutionises employee engagement and wellbeing.

Earn CHOYSCoins by simply engaging in daily habits, tracking your mood, conquering challenges, or crafting your profile. These coins unlock a world of benefits, from memberships to subscriptions, insurance, and beyond.


CHOYSCoins aren't just rewards; they're agents of change. Fuel your wellbeing journey while supporting causes close to your heart. Join us in transforming your actions into impactful social change.

The Power Of CHOYS Belong

Reward And Recognition

Foster gratitude, enhance belonging, boost productivity. Recognise, reward, engage. Use positive reinforcement, cool badges.


Moment Wall

Inspire and empower your teams to support each other in wellbeing activities. Celebrate achievements together, fostering a culture of support and collaboration.


Manual Of You

Craft employee digital profiles with CHOYS Profile. Explore colleagues' profiles for birthdays, interests, and more. Foster personal connections with a deeper understanding.


Enhance Your Work Culture With CHOYS Belong

Transform your work culture with CHOYS Belong, cultivate a profound snese of belonging among your team member, leading to enhanced performance and increased retention rates.

Some Great Feedbacks From Our Clients

I love to see my team beating me in the CHOYS leaderboard in our work meetings. At Kopi Kenangan, we strongly believe in Day 1 mentality - always challenge yourself and every day is a new day.
Happy People are a strategic pillar of our ESG strategy as happy individuals will deliver the best services to our customers. The features that CHOYS are building are helping us achieve this in a scalable and data driven way.
We want to create an environment where colleagues see each other like friends. CHOYS is doing something very unique to nourish that relationship and trust with each other which I personally believe, will fundamentally shift the culture of our organisation.

Gemini Aryanto

Kopi Kenangan