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CHOYSCoins are the currency of wellbeing rewards on CHOYS. You can earn CHOYSCoins by recording your mood, completing challenges, creating a Manual of You, and building and completing habits. To check your CHOYSCoins balance, open the CHOYS app – your balance is right at the top-right corner.

Who Funds CHOYSCoins?

CHOYSCoins are funded by your employer as part of the donation and reward budget. Employees can only earn CHOYSCoins through healthy behaviours and activities.

How to Earn CHOYSCoins?

You can earn CHOYSCoins by tracking your habits, completing challenges, creating a profile, and recording your mood. Your CHOYSCoins get accumulated as you take steps toward a healthier you.

To give you a clear perspective, we've compiled the coin amounts you can earn for different activities:

  • Recording Mood: 5 CHOYSCoins
  • Habit Creation: 10 CHOYSCoins
  • Mark Habit Daily: 5 CHOYSCoins
  • Habit Completion: 25 CHOYSCoins
  • Completing Challenges: 10-300 CHOYSCoins
  • Profile Creation / Manual of You: 100 CHOYSCoins

Where can I see my CHOYSCoins balance?

On the CHOYS app's home screen, you'll find your net CHOYSCoins balance on the top-right corner.

Why does the number of CHOYSCoins differ on the Leaderboard?

It's important to note that the Leaderboard coins and the app balance are different.

The Leaderboard showcases lifetime wellbeing coins that you earned through all your healthy actions. While the app coins reveal the net coins you own to date after the deduction of the donation amount.

Understanding Your CHOYSCoins: Leaderboard vs. App Balance

  • Leaderboard Coins: The coins shown on the Leaderboard are the accumulative lifetime coins earned by you without reducing the donation amount.
  • App Balance: Your CHOYSCoins app balance (on the right top corner) is the net number of coins you own to date after the reduction of the donation amount.

What Can I Do With CHOYSCoins?

CHOYSCoins aren't just rewards; they're change-makers. Use them to support causes you care about and transform your wellbeing actions into social impact.

How It Works:

  1. Earn CHOYSCoins: Complete activities and challenges on the CHOYS platform to earn CHOYSCoins as rewards for your well-being efforts.
  2. Discover Causes: Explore a range of causes on the app, each contributing to a brighter future for individuals, communities, and the planet.
  3. Donate with Purpose: Assess which cause aligns with your values and interests, and use your CHOYSCoins to donate and create positive change.

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