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10 Fun Activities for Employee Engagement— Engage, Energise, Excel!

By CHOYS Community
03 Aug 2023

How individuals spend time with colleagues at work has a greater impact on their productivity and performance than one might think. So, it's only wise for employers to help their teams make the most of their time together.

Which is why some fun engagement activities might just be what your workforce needs to stay driven and motivated!


With the hectic schedules that workplaces operate on, the secret sauce to success lies in keeping your employees engaged, motivated, and raring to go.

For employees, the daily grind can sometimes feel like a mundane marathon. To overcome this, here are 10 small fun activities for employee engagement that will inject excitement and playfulness into your workplace and shoot up the productivity in your teams!

Fun Activities to Motivate Employees

For a workplace to thrive and prosper, keeping employees motivated is essential. Giving them breaks and some quick motivational games are a great way to show your employees that you care about their well-being.

Here are some innovative ideas for employee motivation you can try with your team:

1. "Bring Your Pet to Work" Day

Let's face it; work can sometimes feel like a mini-zoo, but wouldn't it be more fun if it was an actual one?

Once every month, organise a "Bring Your Pet to Work" day, and unleash the adorable chaos as furry friends wag and purr their way into your team’s hearts.

Get ready for a whole lot of awws and unforgettable memories!

bring-your-pet-to-work-activity-for-employee-engagement (1)

2. The "Random Acts of Kindness" Challenge

Imagine a world where kindness reigns supreme - sounds like a dream, right? You can bring that dream to life with a "Random Acts of Kindness" challenge.

Encourage your employees to surprise their coworkers every week with a little act of kindness— a heartfelt compliment, a helping hand, or a cheerful note. Watch as this ripple of positivity transforms your workplace into a hub of happiness!

CHOYS takes employee engagement to a whole new level, adding an extra dose of excitement to the Random Acts of Kindness. With the CHOYS app, you and your colleagues can easily contribute to social causes that matter to you.

From supporting adults with disabilities to funding school goodie bags, feeding families breakfast, or planting trees, you have the power to create ripples of goodness and bring smiles to countless lives!

Would you like to give it a try? Schedule a free demo with CHOYS today!


3. Appreciation Wall of Fame

Spread the love and appreciation in your workplace with an Appreciation Wall of Fame! Encourage team members to write heartfelt messages of gratitude for their colleagues.

As the wall fills up with positivity, watch the bonds between team members grow stronger, fostering a culture of appreciation and respect.

On the CHOYS app's Moment Wall, the positivity and camaraderie between colleagues flourish. As you and your team create and conquer habits, participate in challenges, and make an impact, the Moment Wall becomes a place to appreciate each other's efforts and achievements.

Cheer your colleagues on their well-being journeys and witness the power of encouragement in fostering a vibrant workplace community.


Employee Engagement Sports Activities

The benefits of sports activities for employees are plenty. Playing games together can help employees come out of their comfort zones and reduce work-related stress.

Here are 2 sports activities that can boost engagement in your workplace:

4. Fitness Frenzy Challenge

Time to break a sweat and embrace the Fitness Frenzy Challenge! Form teams and compete in a series of fun fitness activities.

Whether it's a relay race, a hula hoop showdown, or a friendly tug-of-war, the ultimate goal is to bond through healthy competition and celebrate each other's victories.

5. Step Up the Challenge with Team Steps

Healthy competition never hurt anyone, especially when it's in the form of a team steps challenge! Prepare your fitness trackers as you and your colleagues scram to conquer step goals.

With the CHOYS app's team steps challenges, you and your colleagues can embark on thrilling themed and weekend challenges, turning your well-being journey into a fun and impactful competition.

Climb up the leaderboard, earn CHOYSCoins, and make a real difference in society by contributing to meaningful social causes!


Fun Games for Employee Engagement

Fun Fridays in your workplace are about to get a lot of fun!

Pick any of the following fun employee engagement games suitable for your workplace to make it super fun:

6. Lunchtime Cook-Off

Get your team ready to unleash their inner MasterChefs and ignite the kitchen with a Lunchtime Cook-Off challenge!

Whip up your signature dishes and let the taste buds do the talking. The best part? A scrumptious feast awaits everyone, and the winner gets the coveted "Office Iron Chef" title!


7. "Show and Tell" Talent Showcase

Tell your team it's time for the grand "Show and Tell" Talent Showcase! Encourage colleagues to showcase their hidden talents and unique gifts.

From poetry recitals to magic tricks and everything in between, give your team a chance to shine like a star and discover the hidden gems within your team.


8. "Fun Facts" Trivia Battle

Get those thinking caps on because it's time for an epic "Fun Facts" Trivia Battle! Unearth fascinating facts about your colleagues and put your knowledge to the test.

From childhood memories to quirky hobbies, you'll be surprised by the intriguing tales hidden

"Fun Facts" Trivia Battle gets even more exciting with the CHOYS app's Manual of You feature! Not only can you uncover fascinating facts about your colleagues, but you can also create your own profile filled with fun personal and professional questions.

With the Manual of You, you can answer quirky questions, share hobbies and build habits together. It's like having your personal time capsule right on the app! Plus, as you reveal exciting facets of your personality, you'll discover new connections and forge stronger bonds with your team members.

9. Picture Perfect Scavenger Hunt

Grab your smartphones and embark on a thrilling Picture Perfect Scavenger Hunt! Armed with a list of quirky items and clues, let your employees race against time to capture snapshots of everything on the list.

From "funniest office mug" to "strangest office plant," this hunt will take you on a wild adventure within the office premises.


10. DIY Team Décor Day

Who said office spaces have to be boring? Put your creative hats on and transform your workplace into a masterpiece by organising a DIY Team Décor Day!

From funky bulletin boards to inspirational murals, let your artistic flair and teamwork add colour and vibrancy to your surroundings.


Final Takeaway

All right then! It's time to wrap up this 10 Fun Activities for Employee Engagement list. These are just some ideas that can keep your workforce engaged and motivated.

You can always customise and create more engagement activities according to your workforce's unique needs. The activity can be as simple as arranging a team walk during breaks. But for your employees, a lighthearted retreat might be all they need to know that their employers cares about them.

Remember, when your team is happy, engaged, and relaxed the sky's the limit for what you can achieve together. So try out these activities, and let the good times roll!