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CHOYS Manual of You

The CHOYS Manual of You or CHOYS Profile is your digital work profile where you can explore your colleagues' out-of-work selves.

By giving yourselves avatars and answering fun questions, you and your colleagues can get to know each other even before a first conversation!

CHOYS Manual of You takes employee engagement to a whole new level by simplifying icebreaking and eliminating small talk.

How to Use the CHOYS Manual of You?

Here's how the CHOYS Manual of You improves employee engagement:

1. Discover Mutual Interests

Answer a series of thoughtfully crafted questions about your personal and professional interests.

When your colleagues do the same, you can explore each colleague’s manual with a simple search and spot colleagues who share the same interests as you.

This can create a solid foundation for building deeper connections and collaborations.

2. Engage Every Kind of Employee

In an organization, all employees have different skills, abilities, personalities, and needs. The CHOYS Manual of You helps employees across departments connect over mutual interests and preferences.

The thoughtfully crafted questions about employees' personal and professional interests can be great ice-breakers, helping employees start genuine conversations with each other easily.

3. Encourage Passive Collaboration

CHOYS Profiles help employees with shared interests connect easily. This can encourage casual collaborations at and outside work, which are great for team bonding.

When colleagues know about each other's interests and hobbies, it can lead to improved teamwork and collaboration. Work friendships over mutual preferences can greatly reduce stress and elevate employee engagement.

With the CHOYS Manual of You, employees can strengthen work relationships, improve collaboration, and create a workplace where everyone thrives!

Get started with your Manual of You now and experience the transformational power of understanding and connection.

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