The Four Pillars of Wellbeing

· 20 Oct 2022

The Four Pillars of Wellbeing

Why Holistic?

The global pandemic sparked a new modern era of health. Consumers have begun to realise the importance of investing in their wellbeing and taking measures towards preventative care.

The global wellness industry is now at $1.5 trillion, and estimated to increase around 5-10% each year. With this increase, we have seen a lot of health offerings in the market. From meditation subscriptions to online yoga classes, to trackable tech wearable devices, these services are promoted to us as individual components of health.

While services like these are extremely beneficial, wellbeing is something that needs to be looked at as a whole. We can’t just consume kale and green juice and not take care of what’s going on in our minds. There are many components of wellbeing that need to be addressed in order to let the potential in us come to fruition.

At CHOYS, we strive to reimagine holistic wellbeing, looking at the individual as a whole person. We believe that personalised care from the individual level will contribute to greater large scale success on the community and organisation level. We focus on the following four pillars of wellbeing.

Physical Fitness

From working out at the gym to eating nutritious whole foods, physical fitness is extremely critical in wellbeing. It is what most of us think of when the word wellbeing is thrown around. Physical fitness is composed of movement at a moderate-intense rate of exercises, nourishing through proper nutrition and recovering with adequate rest. With physical fitness kept in check, individuals can ensure they show up as the best versions of themselves.

Mental Health & Mindfulness

A growing trend in the world is the attention put on mindfulness and mental health. Taking care of our mental fitness is an essential aspect of how we live our lives. With constant stressors, distractions and stimulations thrown around in our day-to-day lives, it is essential that we pay attention to easing the fluctuations of our thoughts and noticing how we talk to ourselves in our inner world.

Financial Wellbeing

Money can be a tricky topic to talk about, as our perception and mindset towards money depends on how we were raised growing up. Financial wellbeing means having a good and comfortable relationship with money. This is critical, as money can be a stressful topic at times when there is so much instability in the world.

Social Wellbeing

Community and having people around us is key to a fulfilling lifestyle, and this is where social wellbeing comes into play. Having a sense of belonging to a community allows individuals to feel valued, loved and satisfied. There are so many ways to engage with the community such as volunteering, joining a group based on your interests, spending quality time with loved ones or getting to know your colleagues. With the influence of technology these days, this includes hopping on FaceTime and calling those friends who live abroad.

The four pillars, physical, mental, financial and social are all interlinked. Rather than tackle them individually, we think the best approach is to address them together. For example, good physical and mental health enables one to show up into the world refreshed and well rested. This then enables them to make greater contributions to society and develop better relationships with their organisation and community. By keeping these four pillars in check, we believe people can showcase their true potential by living life to the fullest.