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Ways to Improve Your Well-Being in 2023

By CHOYS Community
08 Jul 2023

New Year's resolutions are so common for people wanting to reach new goals, improve their health and make the upcoming New Year a better one.

However, while many are successful, there are some who fail to keep to their word.

A New Year's Resolution is meant to be simple, easy, manageable and should be maintainable long term. That is why it is so important to set the right resolutions, otherwise we will find every excuse to not pursue them.

Did you know that only 9% resolution keepers successfully stick to their New Year’s Resolutions? But why is the number so low?

New Year’s resolutions are rarely specific. “Exercise more”, “Be more aware” “Eat healthier” or “spend less” are common sayings, yet it is too broad for our minds to comprehend.

Get more specific! Tell yourself that you will go to the gym 3 times a week at 8 AM, or cook one home cooked meal per day.

Here are some ways for you to improve your wellbeing this coming New Year.

Improve Your Physical Well-Being

Physical health and mental health are largely correlated.

Exercising gets the blood sugar running and boosts endorphins, which are neurochemicals in the body that reduce pain and boost a sense of pleasure.

Even if you don’t go to the gym daily, a simple 30 minute walk does wonders to the body.

Cultivate a Positive Mindset and Attitude

What you put into your mind is extremely important. Everyday we are stimulated by so much news, social media content, messages, calls…etc.

We consume so much media that it has the opportunity to cause burnout if not handled well. By choosing to scale down on media consumption, you’ll start to see shifts in feelings of anxiousness and become clearer in thoughts.

Spend Time Nurturing Your Relationships

Our relationships with those around us affect the quality of our lives. With the constant stimulation of media, it is so easy to forget about our face to face interactions.

These relationships require conscious effort so it's important to make time for them!

Happy New Year & Final Well-Being Takeaway!

As you embark on the journey into yet another new year, remember that improving your well-being starts with setting realistic and specific resolutions.

Choose simple, manageable goals that can be maintained long term. Be specific in your intentions, whether it's committing to regular gym sessions or cooking home-cooked meals daily.

Prioritise your physical health as it greatly influences your mental well-being. Cultivate a positive mindset by being mindful of the media you consume and scaling it down to reduce feelings of anxiousness.

Don't forget to nurture your personal relationships, as they profoundly impact your overall life satisfaction. With dedication and conscious effort, you can make 2023 a year of positive transformation and lasting well-being.