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What Does the Gen-Z Expect From the Workplace?

By CHOYS Community
08 Jul 2023

The workplace landscape is evolving, influenced by two significant factors: the pandemic and the rise of Gen Z.

These changes have reshaped not only how people work but also how they view work and life.

What is Quiet-Quitting?

Gone are the days of confined office spaces and long commutes. The pandemic ushered in a new era of flexibility, where technology empowers employees to work from home or any favourite coffee shop while maintaining productivity.

Gen Z, on the other hand, brings a fresh approach to work-life balance, embracing concepts like "quiet quitting" – collaborating in the office just enough to keep their jobs while applying elsewhere to seek better balance and fulfilment in their professional lives.

In today's rapidly changing workplace, the key question remains:

How can companies attract and retain top talent while adapting to these shifts?

How to Increase Employee Retention?

Sometimes, organisations struggle to find candidates with the right skills for their roles. Even when the right fit is discovered, convincing them to stay poses another challenge.

Research shows that the average time an employee stays in their position is approximately 5 years, however, with Gen Z and millennials included, the rates are lower, ranging approximately 1-2 years.

This could be due to a number of factors, but Gen Z is becoming increasingly aware of their work-life balance, and would rather quit their job than work for a company that doesn’t align with their values.

It has been said that by 2025, Gen Z will account for almost 30% of the global workforce. This generation was the first generation to grow up with technology and social media, and their priorities are shifting.

It is interesting to see the trends of each generation and how they impact the workplace. For Gen Z, the change we’re seeing now is quite drastic.

So now with Gen Z entering the workplace, here are things to consider when hiring and recruiting from today’s top talent pool:


After all, Gen Z grew up with the internet by their side 24/7. Having everything so easily accessible to them, from emails to social media to text message, convenience and speed really is key.

Access to information and convenience is vital for this generation, given their constant connectivity to the internet.

Employers should note that Gen Z expects clarity, clear communication and things to be…tech savvy!

Workplace Personalisation

With algorithms on apps knowing our personal preferences such as Netflix, Spotify and amazon, it is so easy to search for exactly what we’re searching for.

Because everyone is different, personalisation in the workplace really is key to developing long lasting relationships with those in the workplace.

As an employer, allow Gen Z’s the option of flexible work. Allow them to maximise their personal productivity by crafting their own schedules around work. Allow them to live a life outside of work as well, as this generation really priorities their work-life balance.

Mental Health

Gen Z is the most stressed generation to date, but this generation is more willing to speak up about it than prior generations.

As work is known to heavily weigh on mental health, it is especially important as an employer that you prioritise a well-rounded work culture that targets this, to show your employees that you and the organisation cares.

As an employer, this could look like offering health and wellness benefits such as discounted fitness classes or stocking the office pantry with healthy snacks.

Asking your employees to sleep instead of bringing work home or taking a day off when they don’t feel as well. Whatever it is you do, make sure your employees know you care.


Gen Z expects authenticity and ethics. They want leaders they can look up to, that can display the traits and character of ethical authentic leadership.

This generation also really prioritises branding and value, they want to work for a company that can accurately communicate what they stand for.

A company without a clear message and impact isn’t going to stand out for this generation, as Gen Z wants their work to have meaning, they want to make an impact at work and in the world.

Final Takeaway

As the workplace landscape evolves with the influence of the pandemic and the rise of Gen Z, organisations must adapt to attract and retain top talent.

Gen Z's expectations are shaped by their tech-savvy upbringing, seeking convenience and clarity in communication.

Workplace personalisation is crucial, allowing for flexible schedules and a focus on work-life balance.

Prioritising mental health is essential, as Gen Z is more vocal about stress and seeks a supportive work culture.

Additionally, authenticity and ethics are vital, as this generation desires to work for companies with a clear message and meaningful impact.

To thrive in this changing landscape, companies must understand and embrace the priorities of Gen Z.