Make your workplace more humanised through holistic wellbeing

· 18 Oct 2022

Make your workplace more humanised through holistic wellbeing

Wellbeing is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy and is multidimensional- Oxford English Dictionary

“Employee wellbeing? What do you mean by that? I don’t think employers gets it.” You might assume an employer's knowledge level on wellbeing as such two years ago but I can tell you after hundreds of interviews with business owners and leaders in South East Asia very recently, not only do we realise employers’ in-depth knowledge about wellbeing but also their eagerness to improve employee benefits and wellbeing. Any great leader will tell you that great people are at the heart of any successful business and whether a business survives or thrives will come down to the most precious asset – its people.

The great resignation unveiled the deficiencies in employee wellbeing systems over the years. Two thirds of employers believe enhancing employees’ benefits and wellbeing initiatives is their top priority. Only less than 34% of employers think their current benefits are truly effective. - Asia Pacific insights from the Willis Towers Watson 2019/2020 Benefit Trends survey.

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