Choys Wellbeing Calendar 2023

How to use the Choys Wellbeing Calendar

We want to make your life at workplaces healthier in a less stressful manner.

Let us start shifting our focus in 2023 to establish better preparations for a great year at work and home for your organisation and employees.

This employee wellbeing Calendar will put you in the driver’s seat for an eventful and successful wellbeing all-year round dates and campaigns and save the hassles of creating wellbeing activities for your team.


  1. We’ve come up with monthly tips you can implement in your workplace to help guide you and your employees in the workplace.
  2. The calendar is divided into 12 topics related to holistic wellbeing, with each month focusing on 1. We hope you take away our tips and tricks and that they enhance the quality of your workplace environment.
  3. Keeping track of all the wellbeing-related dates across the year and planning work activities accordingly may be difficult. We’ve highlighted the campaign dates you need to keep in mind.

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